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Navigating Deep Healing

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

How would you like to heal your pain, heal your past, connect with spiritual guidance and your most accurate intuition, and truly embody your gifts and power?

You can achieve all this and more with three key resources: a compass, a map, and a guide, that is, the compass of your body, a map of your mind, and a helpful guide to accompany you within this sacred territory.

The Compass

You have the most powerful divination tool ever – your body. Yep, your body and its sensations and symptoms. What if I told you that your symptoms are your friends? You may be thinking, “Yeah, right! How can this unpleasant symptom be my friend? I just want it to go away!” I assure you that, truly, a symptom is a friend of your soul, a message from your Divine inner wisdom, something that wants to wake up in you. Often something in our deeper self has been trying to get our attention and becomes physical. Sometimes symptoms manifest in other ways including mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. To be clear, in this context, a “symptom” is anything that keeps you from living your life in a way that feels aligned for you.

Intelligence and wisdom are present in your entire being, and your body is an unfailing compass, or GPS, showing you the way to healing and wholeness. All you need to do is honor the guidance of its sensations and symptoms, which hold healing information. Through communicating with the sensations and symptoms experienced in your body, you can free yourself from pain, old emotions, behaviors that are no longer serving you, and more. You have the ability to receive the knowledge from your symptom that will allow you to release it, and this interaction is more accessible than you may think. It is done by bridging your limited Conscious Mind and your Creative Divine Mind, which exists in every cell of your body and beyond. Before we can talk about how this works, let’s first gain an understanding of these areas of your awareness.

The Map

To help you better understand your awareness, let me show you a map of your mind.

First let’s look at your Conscious Mind, which consists of only about 10% of your awareness. It observes the outside, classical world. It exists in the prefrontal cortex of your brain. It is your limited Human Mind. Its language is mainly words, and its job is to take action. It is the territory of beta brainwaves.

Next is your Creative Divine Mind, the universe-sized remainder of your awareness. It observes your inner world and the quantum world. It exists in every cell of your being and beyond. It is your expansive Spirit Mind. Its language is imagery, symbolism, emotion, a blend of all your senses, and its job is to access creativity and connection to all. Alpha and theta brainwaves are indicators that you are dwelling in your Creative Divine Mind.

More about brainwaves:

Here’s a basic explanation of your brain wave frequencies. Generally, the slower the brain waves, the more relaxed you feel. There are higher and lower frequencies, but these are the four brainwaves we will consider for our purposes here.

Beta (13-30 Hz) Beta brain waves are associated with being alert and active. There are different bands of beta brainwaves depending on level of engagement and activity, from problem solving, integrating a new experience, on up to anxiety. Although they are also associated with over-thinking, worry, and the chatter of your conscious mind, beta brain waves are necessary in order to function in the world. Just know that beta brainwaves take a tremendous amount of energy, so being in beta all the time is not efficient.

Alpha (8-13 Hz) Alpha brain waves are associated with relaxed daydreaming states of mind and being in the present moment. This place of calm alertness known as Alpha state is The Bridge between your Conscious Mind and your Creative Divine Mind, and it integrates mind and body.

By the way, alpha is a very healthy and beneficial state. Here are few quick ways you can cultivate more alpha brain waves on your own:

  • Meditation – By doing any meditation technique you enjoy, or even simply closing your eyes and focusing on your breath, alpha brainwaves increase significantly.

  • Yoga - Breathing, meditation, and posture-based yoga practices increase alpha brain waves associated with decreased pain and increased calmness.

  • Massage - If you are stressed, you undoubtedly arrive to your appointment in beta, but massage will assist you into slower alpha brain waves.

  • L-Theanine – Found in green tea, it has been discovered to be a great natural booster of your alpha brain waves and your production of the mood-enhancing neurotransmitter dopamine.

Theta (4-8 Hz) Theta brain waves are associated with deep states of meditation and REM (rapid eye movement) sleep where dreams occur. In this twilight dream state, your senses are withdrawn from the external world and focused on the imagery and intuition within, as well as information beyond your waking consciousness.

Delta (up to 4 Hz) Delta waves occur during deep sleep when your external awareness is suspended. Healing and regeneration take place in this state.

Now that you have an overview of the territory of your mind, let’s talk about a particular place for a moment, the place I referred to as The Bridge. The Bridge leads you to your deeper, more expansive awareness, your Creative Divine Mind, also known as your AlphaTheta State, where you have access to wisdom and healing. The Bridge allows you to bring all the richness of your deeper awareness into your consciousness and into the world. The Bridge takes you to where your mind is calm and clear, where you feel centered and intuitive, and where your awareness is limitless. Utilizing The Bridge, this integration of your Conscious (Beta) Mind and Creative Divine (Alpha/Theta) Mind is what sets your healing journey apart, and instead of just being an intellectual exercise, The Bridge makes it real. The Bridge allows you to make significant energetic shifts in your being, in your very cells, and in your energetic body.

One extraordinarily effective way to get to this bridged place of immeasurable awareness and wisdom is with a trusted guide to accompany you through a simple process that involves shifting to your AlphaTheta brain waves.

The Guide

There is always helpful guidance available to you on your healing journey.

You can probably tell that I know and love the territories of awareness, and if you choose, I will be your guide and reverently walk beside you. In wonder, I have explored my own inner world, and I have been privileged to take this journey with many others through the landscape of their own vast and beautiful deeper awareness. I am delighted to say that I am nerd-level trained in this technique known as BodyMind Bridge, and I can attest that there is incredible power in taking this journey with a companion offering safe passage. Within a sacred space of what I call a Healing & Empowerment session, I will help guide you to The Bridge to your deeper awareness and accompany you in your inner work. I will hold space. I will guide you based on your lead, and I will assist you in moving energy at your request. I will honor your journey, and I will champion you. I assure you that you will leave your session with insights and tools you did not have before.

Finally, here’s the tremendously empowering and essential component of this work: I surely will not be your only guide. In this space of expanded awareness, you will connect with your inner guidance - your spirit guide, your inner healer, your inner adviser, whatever expression of guidance is needed in your unique healing journey. You will connect with this wise and loving guidance, and it will be available to you always.

You Are Limitless

If you are ready to experience this empowering, breakthrough method of healing, I call on you to think beyond your old ideas about healing work:

Forget what you think you know about meditation. You don’t have to struggle to clear your thoughts. You only have to turn your awareness inward and breathe. Together we will follow your breath into the deeper awareness of your inner world.

Forget what you think you know about hypnotherapy. I’m NOT going to hypnotize you. We are going on a journey together into the universe within you. You are in charge of where we go and what we do, and I will walk beside you. In old-school hypnotherapy work there is an implied hierarchy, but in the work we will do, we’re on a journey together, and you are your own expert.

Forget what you think you know about energy work. This is not a passive treatment. You have to be ready to make a choice and a shift, and to connect with your power.

Finally, forget what you think your limitations are. You absolutely have spiritual guidance. You absolutely can connect with your gifts. You absolutely can be in charge of your energy. And you absolutely can do your own deep level healing.

It’s All Inside You.


This is just a glimpse as to how you can connect with your wisdom, guidance, gifts and answers so you can heal and free yourself, a look at how you may release trauma and bring yourself into wholeness, and a foretaste of how you may make your goals and wishes a reality. It truly is all inside you.

So, fellow traveler, now that you know all about your compass, your map, and the guidance available, are you ready to go beyond old limitations and create something new in your life? If the answer is “yes,” I am here for you, and offer you the following resources:

  • Download your free Map of Your Mind here.

  • Learn more about the breakthrough healing technique known as BodyMind Bridge here.

  • If you would like to go deeper with your intrinsic ability to heal and manifest change, you can learn about Healing & Empowerment Phone Sessions here.

If you have any questions reach out anytime to me at or connect at You can schedule online or set up a free call to get your questions answered anytime.

Be well and powerful,



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