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Better than hypnotherapy

BodyMind Bridge

Beyond hypnotherapy... beyond Reiki and energy work... beyond Meditation ...

is a transformational journey into the wisdom of the body.


By bringing you to a relaxed state of mind, BodyMind Bridge unites your conscious mind with your deeper awareness and the wisdom of your body.  Here in this “bridged” place, you can communicate with your symptoms to gather information from the intelligence present in every cell of your being to facilitate deep healing.

What can BodyMind Bridge do for me?

  • Release trauma, injury, obstacles, and blocks

  • Free yourself from idiopathic pain, old emotions, and behaviors that are no longer serving you

  • Heal, embrace, and integrate disconnected parts of yourself and your past to bring you into wholeness

  • Resolve inner conflict which may result in depression or anxiety

  • Connect with your inner world, your internal guidance, and deeper wisdom

  • Access an elegant place of creation so you can use your creative mind to make personal breakthroughs, go beyond old limitations, make your goals and wishes a reality, and create something new in your life

What makes BodyMind Bridge different?

  • You learn to locate yourself and feel safe and grounded in your own body.

  • You are in charge of your session.  I will hold a space of dignity for you and your choices.

  • You learn to communicate with your symptoms and your body to gather information from the intelligence present in every cell of your being.

  • You build a relationship with your deeper self (as well as your intuition, inner wisdom, spiritual guidance, and God/dess, Source, Creator if you choose)

  • You will leave your session with not only a measurable change but tools you didn’t have before to navigate and remain connected to that knowing part of yourself


Why BodyMind Bridge?

I am here to guide you not just to tap into, but to relish, your design as a wondrous soul and a beautiful bodymind.  You are not broken. Your symptoms, your pain, your discomfort are sacred messengers – you just need to reacquaint yourself with their language. 

- Brandi

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