BodyMind Bridge Healer Certification

Online Meditation
BodyMind Bridge is an empowering, client-centric healing system where you can lead your clients to access their extraordinary potential and improve any area of their life by uniting their conscious awareness with their subconscious mind and the wisdom of their body.

Learn to guide your clients to healing and experience your own deep healing in a small, safe circle

Diversify your practice with this potent healing modality that can be facilitated in-person or virtually!

What you'll learn in the training

The expansive healing of bridging all levels of awareness, including:

  • The territories of your mind and the power of right-brain imagery

  • What symptoms really are and why they are a friend of your soul

  • The value of alpha-theta awareness

  • The difference between neurosis and psychosis

How to facilitate empowering, interactive, experiential client healing sessions through:

  • Connecting your clients with their Inner Guidance

  • Guiding clients through the 7 steps of restorative trance for deep healing including the revealing process of Body Divination to release symptoms

  • Facilitating Soul Retrieval, Integration of fragmented parts, and Inner Child Healing

  • Preparing clients for the Release and Reorganization of their energy and the adjustment to their new energetic signature following their session.

Revolutionizing your new or established professional practice by learning the keys of:

  • Facilitating a powerful intake and structuring a healing session

  • Fostering the optimal healer and client relationship framework for powerful client outcomes

  • Providing a safe space through healthy compassion, nonjudgement, and releasing attachment to the outcome for ultimate healing

What’s included:

•    Live and interactive learning on Zoom every week for eight weeks (approximately 3.5 hours each)
•    Facilitated and supervised practice sessions
•    Support as needed
•    Business resources
•    Your own personal growth and healing as you experience this process
•    The option to register with the State of Washington as a Hypnotherapist (check your state requirements if you are in another state)
•     38 CE's depending on your profession’s requirements and recognition



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Pricing & Payment Plans

In full
($200 non-refundable)

$200 non-refundable deposit, then 2 monthly payments of $475

$200 non-refundable deposit then 3 monthly payments of $335

Who this training is for



Health Care Providers

Massage Therapists

Energy Workers


Yoga Teachers

Meditation Teachers


Personal Trainers


How to Enroll

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Schedule your own healing BodyMind Bridge Session

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Your instructor
Brandi Edinger, LMT, CHt, RYT

Hello! Empowerment Nerd, Clarity Activator and Transformation Maven, here!


Through my background as a Mentor, Coach, Massage Therapist, Activation Reiki Master, BodyMind Bridge Healer, Hypnotherapist, Teacher, and Author, I have dedicated my career to healing, empowering, and activating people.

My BodyMind Bridge journey:  I became a Certified BodyMind Bridge Practitioner and Registered Hypnotherapist in 2016 and went on to become advanced certified in 2017 because I fell in love with the work as it aligned with my purpose and passion for empowering clients to heal and make lasting and deep changes in their lives. In 2020 I began collaborating with A Community Wellness Clinic to bring BodyMind Empowerment Coaching to their patients, and in 2021 I became one of the first BodyMind Bridge Instructors to be trained by Shuna Morelli, founder of the BodyMind Bridge Institute. 

I have been relishing bringing this work to other healers and changemakers ever since!  This is how we change the world!

Brandi Edinger, LMT, CHt, RYT
Image by Darius Bashar

Reach out to learn more about this revolutionary work!

Woohoo Healer! Thanks for your interest!


Advanced Modules for graduates coming soon!

  • Sovereign Embodiment and energy management for empaths

  • Manifest your heart's desire by inviting your future goals into your present reality with the BodyMind Bridge technique known as Futuring

  • Skill Building with your Inner Mentor

  • Reducing and Releasing Chronic Pain with your Inner Healer

  • Resolving Inner Conflict by building a healthy relationship between Conflicted Parts

  • BodyMind Bridge and Energy work

  • BodyMind Empowerment Coaching

Wellness Coach