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What is a Healing & Empowerment Session?


Your answers are all inside of you – in your subconscious mind, in the cells of your body, in your energetic field.  Through an effective combination of techniques from the breakthrough BodyMind Bridge system of healing and intuitive Reiki, a Healing & Empowerment Session puts you in contact with these answers.  Here you can heal anything physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual you want, and on your unique terms.


By bringing you to a focused and relaxed state of mind, your intelligent conscious mind and intentions are united with your deeper awareness and creative unconscious along with the unfailing wisdom of the physical body.  Here in this “bridged” place are your answers, your insights, and your healing.  Here is where change takes place.  Here is where you get to talk to and release your symptoms*.

*Symptom? Wait, what exactly is a symptom?

Anything that stops you from living the quality of life that you want is a symptom.  Any shift you want to make in your life is a symptom.  Symptoms may be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. Often something in our deeper self has been trying to get our attention and becomes physical.  Your symptom is actually a "friend of the soul," something wanting to wake up in you, something trying to get your attention.  In your Healing & Empowerment session you will receive information from your symptom that will lead you to deep healing and wisdom.

What can a Healing & Empowerment Session do for me?

In a Healing & Empowerment session you can:

  • Connect with your inner world, your internal guidance, and deeper wisdom;

  • Access an elegant place of creation so you can use your creative mind to make personal breakthroughs, to go beyond old limitations and create something new in your life;

  • Release trauma, injury, obstacles, and blocks;

  • Heal, embrace, and integrate disconnected parts of yourself and your past to bring you into wholeness;

  • Gain the resources after your session to continue to walk through the world remaining connected to that knowing, wise, peaceful part of yourself.  You will leave your very first session with tools you didn’t have before;

  • Make your goals and wishes a reality;

  • Resolve inner conflict which may be resulting in depression or anxiety;

  • Free yourself from chronic or idiopathic pain, old emotions, and behaviors that are no longer serving you.

What makes a Healing & Empowerment Session different from other therapies?

  • You learn to locate yourself and feel safe and grounded in your own body.

  • You build a relationship with your deeper self (spirit, higher self, intuition, God)

  • You are in charge of your session.  I will hold a space of dignity for you and your choices.

  • You learn to communicate with your symptoms and your body to gather information from the intelligence present in every cell of your being.  This allows release of old beliefs and frees the cells of that burden.

  • You may Invite earlier versions of self to join you in the present, integrating all versions of self and eliminating inner conflict.

What happens in a Healing & Empowerment Phone or Zoom Session?

Whether you are seeking to release physical or emotional pain or to transform old behaviors that are no longer serving you, your Healing & Empowerment experience will help you access your extraordinary potential and move forward in your life in a joyful and intentional way.

I will call you on the appointed day and time if you choose a phone session.  If you prefer a Zoom call or video meeting, you will receive your link with your appointment confirmation and we will meet there.

We will begin with a thoughtful “Innerview” to delve into your intent and your optimum outcome for your session. Based on your intent, I will guide you to your Alpha State (You can learn more about your brainwaves and the importance of Alpha brainwaves here).  Using several imagery-based techniques, you will be able to discover your own vital information from your deeper mind and to use your intrinsic ability to heal.

To give yourself the best experience, I recommend the following preparations before a Healing & Empowerment Session by phone or Zoom:

  • First of all, know what you want to work on.  What is speaking to you the loudest?

  • Secure a quiet, private place where you will not be disturbed.

  • Get cozy in a comfortable place.  You may want a blanket to keep you warm to nurture your relaxation into your Creative Divine Mind.

  • Block some time after your session to be with your insights and healing.

  • Have a pen and paper handy for journaling afterward if you like.

  • If we are meeting by phone, ensure you adjust your call settings on your phone to stop notifications during our call, and make sure your headset is charged and connected to your phone.

  • If we are meeting by Zoom, please follow the link to our meeting and be ready by our appointed time.

  • Please have all this prepared before our scheduled appointment and give yourself some space and time to settle in.

After your healing session:

Please remember that you have generated great change in your being and may experience mental, emotional, and/or physical releases afterward as you integrate these changes.  This is part of the wondrous healing process called the Release and Reorganization period.

About Release and Reorganization:

Whenever we move beyond the threshold of what we have done before, in our beliefs, behaviors, or how we relate to ourselves or others, we automatically ignite releases in our entire being.  This completes the healing process!

Physiologically, our very cells, having jettisoned old restrictive energy, need time to reorganize so they can receive and integrate higher frequency energies of love and acceptance that you, in your session, have activated.

Release can happen in many dimensions of being:

  1. Mental Releases – You may experience old thoughts.

  2. Emotional Releases – You may feel old emotions and experience new ones.

  3. Physical Releases – You may experience congestion, soft trembling, nausea, ringing in ears, flu-like symptoms, etc.

  4. Releases in your outer world - You may observe changes in behavior of electronics, people, etc.  You have shifted deep energies, thus increasing the vibrational frequency of your entire being.  Computers, vehicles, cell phones, etc. can be affected.

The key is to recognize that the thought, emotion, or physical symptom you are experiencing is just a release.  So if you notice any of these things, simply stop and say to yourself, “I recognize that this is just a release.”  That’s it.  Do this, and your brilliant body and mind will do the rest.

When we choose to stay in memory of who we are, in love, this strengthens the reorganization principle, allowing the higher frequency to reverberate at your physical, emotional, and spiritual levels, thus promoting whole healing.

Based on Release and Reorganization by BodyMind Bridge Institute

A Healing & Empowerment Session gives you the tools to connect with a deep wisdom within you and clearly see your unique path to bring the changes you desire.

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“Do not be dismayed by the brokenness of this world.  All things break.  And all things can be mended.  Not with time, as they say, but with intention.  So go.  Love intentionally, extravagantly, unconditionally.  The broken world waits in darkness for the light that is you.”


-L.R. Knost

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