Brandi Edinger, LMP

Through my background as a Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Advanced Certified BodyMind Bridge Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, and Yoga Teacher, I have dedicated my life to healing and helping people realize clarity and connection with their mind, body and spirit.


As a Transformation and Empowerment Channel, I am here to help you connect with your clarity and the wisdom of your Creative Divine Mind, so you can access clear thinking, intuition, and guidance whenever you want.  I will help you discover the tools you need to make any changes you desire, to release thoughts and behaviors that are no longer serving you, to heal anything physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, and to clear whatever may be holding you back. Helping you to truly stand in your power and align with your unique purpose is my calling and my utter joy.

A  little background:

I graduated from Alexandar School of Natural Therapeutics with over 650 hours of instruction including therapeutic massage, spa, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, and oriental medicine, and I have held a Washington State Massage Practitioner License since 2004.  My extensive continuing education includes Advanced Stretching, Structural Relief Therapy, Advanced Massage Cupping Certification, Harmonic Massage, and more.


I have practiced Reiki since 2004 and have been a Reiki Master since 2011.  I love working with Reiki energy – it is powerful, yet gentle.  Its energy is loving, wise, beautiful, and most of all, accessible.  I am enthusiastic about training and attuning other massage therapists and caregivers to Reiki because it gives us a way to manage energy, to protect our own energy and act as a conduit for life force energy while caring for others.  Reiki works with any other type of bodywork, energy work, and belief system.  It is fool-proof and graceful.

I became a Certified BodyMind Bridge practitioner and Registered Hypnotherapist in 2016 because I fell in love with the work as it aligned with my purpose and passion for empowering clients to heal and make lasting and deep changes in their lives.  In 2017 I became advanced certified in BodyMind Bridge Generative Hypnotherapy, as well as completed my yoga teacher training to further help my clients foster their mind-body awareness as a resource.

In 2018 I launched Glimmer Academy to expand my services and reach more people with online training and one-on-one phone sessions with a mission to connect people with their purpose, power, and gifts. 

I am pleased to offer holistic, high-quality care that supports my clients' wellness on all levels – mind, body, and soul, and I whole-heartedly believe in the benefits of massage therapy, hypnotherapy, yoga, and Reiki and their ability to heal and help us live our lives in bigger, better ways. 

It is my sincere honor to help you access the deeper wisdom of your body and your Creative Divine Mind and to empower you to make any shift you would like in your life, to release obstacles, to heal your symptoms, and to move forward in a joyful and intentional way.

​You can find me online at Glimmer Academy or in Silverdale, WA at Brandi Edinger Healing Arts where I delight in offering the most muscle-melting, heart-lifting, soul-soothing, mind-clearing healing work in the world, as well as some juicy Reiki training for fellow caregivers and seekers.