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Activation Reiki Certification

Reiki Certification with Brandi Edinger
Why learn Reiki?

Safe, gentle and powerful, Reiki is one of the most well-known and trusted energy modalities in western culture. Known for bringing a sense of well-being and supporting the healthy flow of energy, it is a high-vibration, Divinely-guided-life-force energy that always goes to love and compassion. Universal Intelligence is at work: the energy knows where to go and what to do to help you.  Reiki is a channeled healing that never depletes your own energy, but rather, brings a sense of well-being and supports the flow of energy in both the receiver and the conduit.

How is Activation Reiki different?

What makes Activation Reiki exceptional is its interactive, informative, and empowering approach.  You work with your client within a sacred space in collaboration, to assess their energy and receive insight and information from their energetic body, thus, allowing them to make powerful energetic shifts unique to them.  


Activation Reiki is interactive and empowers practitioner and client alike. It asks us to humbly and reverently question tradition, and ask what else is possible. 


I invite you to be a part of this expansion and evolution with me.

Reiki Certification with Brandi Edinger
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Activation Reiki Level 1

One-on-One Training

One-day Group Retreat (TBA)

In addition to learning Reiki healing, you will learn to manage your energy.  You will leave with new tools to bring healing to yourself and those around you, You will learn to be present and grounded in your body (and experience it as a comfortable place to be).  You will learn to not give up your own energy, but, rather, conduit universal life force energy. And you will learn to trust and honor your intuition and vision (which will naturally be increased along with any other gifts and methods you currently use).  Thus, it is a healing experience for you while you are learning how to share your healing abilities.

Activation Reiki Level 2

One-on-One Training

One-day Group Retreat (TBA)

Reiki Level 2 is a whole new realm of Reiki, where the restrictions of time, space, and distance no longer exist. You will become an advanced practitioner, work with Reiki symbols, and enjoy the ability to send Reiki across the world or to the past or the future! 

Activation Reiki Level 3

Two-day Group Retreat (TBA)

Learn and work with Usui and Tibetan Master Symbols, connect with your Reiki Guide, learn powerful Activation Healing methods including Chakra Analysis, Extraction, and Body Divination, and, as always, review energy and ethics.

Activation Reiki Master

One-day Group Retreat (TBA)

Learn Healing Attunements, Level 1 Attunements, Level 2 Attunements, Master Attunements, and Distance Attunements. and receive all the resources needed for teaching others Reiki. 

Reiki Training with Brandi Edinger


A certificate for display

and CE hours validation

Reiki Training with Brandi Edinger


Manual and other learning materials

Reiki Training with Brandi Edinger


Membership in our Facebook group

Reiki Training with Brandi Edinger


Ongoing support and access to your teacher


Reiki Training Requirements


I ask that you see all beings, including yourself, through a lens of Divine Love and Compassion and do your healing work from this place of Divine Guidance.

I ask that you have a sincere commitment to working with the highest guidance and energy for the highest good of all.

I ask that you cultivate an honest awareness of yourself, and an ongoing willingness to monitor yourself, your mental, emotional, and spiritual state, your perspective, your motivation, and your words and actions as a healer.  I ask that you help me with this as well.

I ask that you use your discernment in all you learn from me and all teachers.

I ask that you remember that Reiki is just one facet and activation of all the Light that you are and you bring, and so, finally, I ask that you joyfully develop your gifts and pursue that which brings you peace, inspiration, alignment, delight, wonder, and deep fulfillment.

Brandi Edinger, LMT, CHt

Brandi is a Clarity Activator and Transformation Channel. In her work she acts as a portal for you to connect with your deep wisdom and your innate ability to self-heal. Through her background as a Mentor, Coach, Massage Therapist, Activation Reiki Master, BodyMind Bridge Healer, Hypnotherapist, Teacher, and Author, she has dedicated her life to healing and helping people activate their power, clarity and gifts.

Brandi Edinger Healing Reiki BodyMind Bridge Mentor Coach
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