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Reiki Activation with Brandi Edinger

Activation Reiki

Safe, gentle and powerful, Reiki is one of the most trusted energy modalities in western culture. Known for bringing a sense of well-being and supporting the healthy flow of energy, this channeled healing is a high vibration Divinely-guided-life-force energy that is always guided by universal intelligence, love, and compassion. 

What makes Activation Reiki exceptional is its interactive, informative, and empowering approach.  We work together within a sacred space to assess your energy and receive insight and information from your energetic body, thus, allowing you to make powerful energetic shifts unique to you. 

Because of its activating nature, it is not unusual to experience a more expansive perspective as well as increased awareness and intuition following your session!

What has your energy been trying to tell you?

Brandi Edinger, LMT, CHt

Brandi is a Clarity Activator and Transformation Channel. In her work, she acts as a portal for you to connect with your deep wisdom and your innate ability to self-heal. Through her background as a Mentor, Coach, Massage Therapist, Activation Reiki Master, BodyMind Bridge Healer, Hypnotherapist, Teacher, and Author, she has dedicated her life to healing and helping people activate their power, clarity, and gifts.

Brandi Edinger Healing Reiki BodyMind Bridge Coach Mentor
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