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BodyMind Bridge Advanced Learning Workshops with Brandi Edinger

BodyMind Bridge Learning Community

For anyone certified in BodyMind Bridge

A place where you can learn more BodyMind Bridge Skills, get support as a practitioner, and drop into a safe space of connection with others.


Monthly on the third Tuesday on Zoom

12:00-1:00 learning,

1:00 to 1:30 optional Q&A and mentorship

What you'll get

BodyMind Bridge Learning


  • Monthly workshops and recordings

  • Continuing Education Hours

  • Scripts for techniques

  • Access to Healer Resources

BodyMind Bridge Community


  • Access to private online community

  • Discounted coaching or healing sessions with me.

  • Peer support and community

BodyMind Bridge Enrichment


  • Expanded trust in your process and client results

  • Resources for your impeccable and sacred work

BodyMind Bridge Advanced Workshops

The learning community, resources, and lunchtime workshops are for nourishment and support, a fire of wisdom and healing that we will all gather around, stoked with the insights and experiences of all. Our focus will cycle through the areas of healing, coaching, and support

$ 27 month

Bring your curiosity, requests, Sacred Witness, and questions.

Looking for basic BodyMind Bridge Certification?

BodyMind Bridge Certification with Brandi Edinger
BodyMind Bridge is an empowering, client-centric healing system where you can lead your clients to access their extraordinary potential and improve any area of their life by uniting their conscious awareness with their subconscious mind and the wisdom of their body.
Brandi Edinger BodyMind Bridge Teacher

My BodyMind Bridge Journey

Hello Kindred!

I am a Fire Tender and Empowerment Nerd!

With a background in massage therapy, Reiki, and mentoring, I became a Certified BodyMind Bridge practitioner and Registered Hypnotherapist in 2016 because I fell in love with the work as it aligned with my purpose and passion for empowering clients to heal and make lasting and deep changes in their lives.  In 2017 I became Advanced Certified in BodyMind Bridge Healing, in addition to yoga to further help my clients foster their mind-body awareness as a resource.  In 2020 I began collaborating with A Community Wellness Clinic to bring BodyMind Empowerment Coaching to their patients, and in 2021 I became one of the first BodyMind Bridge Instructors to be trained by Shuna Morelli, founder of the BodyMind Bridge Institute.  I have been relishing certifying other healers and changemakers and bringing this work to the world ever since!

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