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A scientist and a sorcerer walk into a bar ...

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

A scientist and a sorcerer walk into a bar ... ... in your brain ... and they become fast friends and powerful allies ... and awesome things happen!

It sounds like a joke ... but it's not!

Awesome things can happen when the logical part of your mind (the scientist here) starts working with the expansive powerful creative part of your mind (the sorcerer in this case).

The scientist in your brain LOVES and NEEDS data. The sorcerer has access to 90% of it.

They really should be friends.

You can learn more about your brain, and how to help it be cool in my self-paced online course MIND MAP. It is my free gift to you, and it includes a free meditation enhanced with binaural and alpha tones which are said to foster whole-brain functioning (in other words, you get to join your inner scientist and sorcerer at the bar and finally team up).

Let me know how it goes!




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