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Alpha for a Better Life

Updated: Jun 12, 2022


Alpha is your personal bridge to well-being.

Did you know that your conscious mind makes up only about 10% of your awareness? The other 90% of your awareness resides in your subconscious mind. Accessing this deeper awareness is as simple as downshifting to your alpha brain waves, which are like a bridge between your conscious and subconscious mind. Not only that, alpha is really good for you! We'll get to that in a moment...

First, here's a basic understanding of your brain wave frequencies. Generally, the slower the brain waves, the more relaxed you feel.

Beta (13-30 Hz)

Beta brain waves are associated with being alert and active. Although they are associated with over-thinking, worry and the chatter of our conscious mind, you need your beta waves in order to function in the world.

Alpha (8-13 Hz)

Alpha brain waves are associated with relaxed, calm, daydreaming states of mind, and, as earlier stated, they are the bridge between your conscious mind and your subconscious.

You produce alpha waves when you relax to guided imagery, such as in a BodyMind Bridge session, and also just before you drift off to sleep or just before you wake up. At the beginning of sleep, alpha waves disappear and theta waves appear...

Theta (4-8 Hz)

Theta waves are associated with deep states of meditation and REM (rapid eye movement) sleep where dreams occur.

Delta (up to 4 Hz)

Delta waves occur during deep sleep.

Here's why downshifting to alpha brain waves is so good for you in your daily life ….

Not only does being in your alpha state connect you with your deeper awareness, you will also find that stress, anxiety and tension fade in alpha state, and your mind becomes calm and clear. Your creativity is enhanced. Your problem-solving abilities, learning skills, word recognition, and memory improve. More alpha brain waves mean more positive, stable and balanced emotions as more serotonin is released. Alpha waves are also linked to decreased pain and discomfort. Long-term stress has a negative impact on your immune system, so spending more time in alpha brain waves will even enhance your immune system!

How to get more alpha brain waves in your world:

  • Meditation - In one study cited in Meditation and the Brain, it was found that “after only an eight week mindfulness meditation program, regulation of alpha rhythms helped the brain ‘turn down the volume’ of distractions in the surrounding environment."

  • Yoga - Breathing, meditation and posture-based yoga practices increase alpha brain waves associated with decreased pain and increased calmness.

  • Massage - If you are stressed, you undoubtedly arrive to your appointment in beta, but massage will assist you into slower alpha waves.

  • L-Theanine – Found in green tea, it has been found to be a great natural booster of your alpha brain waves and your production of the mood-enhancing neurotransmitter dopamine.

  • Bodymind Bridge - A BodyMind Bridge session will guide you to your alpha state to bridge your awareness, leading to insights, healing, release of old beliefs or trauma, or whatever your intent is for yourself. You will learn how your alpha state is as close as your breath so you can walk through your life remaining connected to that knowing, wise, peaceful part of yourself.

Check out my free course, MIND MAP, to learn more and experience your alpha state. As a bonus, there is a free meditation enhanced with binaural and alpha tones to foster whole-brain functioning and speed your ability to connect with your deeper wisdom.

Be well and empowered,


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