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BodyMind Bridge

Your symptoms, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual, are all something trying to wake up in you.  The BodyMind Bridge approach views your symptoms as a "friend of the soul" that will lead you to deep healing and wisdom.

BodyMind Bridge is a breakthrough healing system that enlists the incredible awareness of the subconscious mind and the wisdom of the physical body.

What is BodyMind Bridge Healing?

A BodyMind Bridge is one of the techniques used in Healing and Empowerment Sessions, which bring you to a focused relaxed state of mind where your intelligent conscious mind and intentions are united with your deeper awareness and creative unconscious.  It is a joyful and efficient way to access the extraordinary potential of the deeper wisdom of your Creative Divine Mind and the vast intelligence of your body in order to heal and improve any area of your health and your life.

What can a Healing and Empowerment Session do for me?

  • Help you make your goals and wishes a reality

  • Use your creative mind to make personal breakthroughs and improve your life

  • Resolve inner conflict which may be resulting in depression or anxiety

  • Free yourself from chronic or idiopathic pain, old emotions, and behaviors that are no longer serving you.

What is a symptom?

  • Any shift you want to make in your life is a symptom.

  • Anything that stops you from living the quality of life that you want is a symptom.

  • Symptoms may be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

  • Often something in our deeper self has been trying to get our attention and becomes physical.

  • A symptom is a friend of the soul, something that is wanting to wake up.

BodyMind Bridge can help you release your symptoms.

Are you ready to access your extraordinary potential?  Come, be heard.  Connect with your internal guidance and your highest self.   


I am available to facilitate your session on Zoom or over the phone.

Healing and Empowerment phone and Zoom sessions available

Experience healing from the comfort of your home.  

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