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Brandi Edinger Healing Arts
Are you ready to embark on a sacred journey of self-healing and empowerment?

There is no limit to what you can create!

Beyond hypnotherapy... beyond energy work and Reiki... beyond Mindfulness and Meditation ... beyond talk therapy ...

is a transformational journey into the wisdom of the body and soul...

BodyMind Bridge


BodyMind Bridge unites your conscious mind with your deeper awareness and the wisdom of your body.  Here in this “bridged” place, you can communicate with your symptoms to gather information from the intelligence present in every cell of your being to facilitate deep healing.

BodyMind Bridge Healing with Brandi Edinger

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WA massage therapists earn 38 CEs

I was referred to Brandi Edinger by my doctor who has seen firsthand the benefits of her patients
incorporating BodyMind Bridge to their wellness and healing journeys. Brandi’s calm, thoughtful
presence immediately put me at ease, which made it easier to trust the process and give the highly
logic-driven side of my brain a break. Working with Brandi has helped me explore my inner wisdom,
which honestly, I didn’t realize I had, or at the very least, had been ignoring. That inner voice has
become so much stronger. Brandi has helped me explore that wisdom with more kindness and
compassion for myself. The more we’ve worked together, the easier it has gotten to find and tap into
that wisdom. What has surprised me is noticing how much more comfortable I am in exploring that
wisdom outside of my sessions with Brandi. I’ve got more tools and ways of handling my anxiety and
the craziness of life. My work with Brandi also perfectly complements the work I’m doing separately with my individual counselor, where one session often feeds the other and the “ah-ha” moments come up more quickly than just the counseling on its own. I feel heard and seen and supported with Brandi, and I am forever grateful to have been connected with her. Trust Brandi, trust yourself, and give yourself this wonderful gift- I’m so glad I have.

K.P., WA

Brandi Edinger photo by Kristina Pearl Photography

Brandi Edinger, LMT, CHt

Brandi is a Transformation Maven and is honored to be your sacred guide to connect with your deep wisdom and your innate ability to self-heal. Through her background as a Mentor, Massage Therapist, Activation Reiki Master, BodyMind Bridge Healer, Yogi, Teacher, Writer, and Wise Woman, she has dedicated her life to healing and helping others embody the empowered healer themselves.

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