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Smoke Cleansing

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Smoke cleansing involves burning various herbs, resins, woods, and wood powders to cleanse a space, eliminate negative energy, create a sacred environment, and more.

The variations of ingredients used are based upon that which is regionally, culturally, spiritually, or historically significant to the people performing the smoke cleansing.

Remember to work with plants with which you have a relationship, perhaps those that are part of your family’s history or culture, or the traditions of your spiritual path. It is important to not encroach on traditions that are sacred to others and to work with sustainable plants that you can grow or which the earth offers us in organic abundance.

There are many common herbs that offer their cleansing gifts to us. This list covers just a few that create beautiful herbal smoke.

Work with the plant ally you are drawn to and the scent you love along with your reverent intention, and of course, be safe when using burnables.

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