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Are you being called?

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Are you being called?

I know why you are here. You were led here because you are inspired to create something new in your life. You are ready to step into your extraordinary potential and move forward in your life in an intentional and aligned way.

  • Perhaps you desire to do some healing work to release physical or emotional pain that is holding you back.

  • Maybe you are ready to transform old behaviors that are no longer serving you.

  • Perhaps you are on a spiritual path and would like to meet your guides or learn how to have a rock solid energy boundary.

  • Maybe your intention is to live an inspired life, and you would like to learn incredible techniques to manifest.

As a Transformation and Empowerment Channel, I am here to tell you that all of this and more is possible. You are far more powerful than you yet know. I know without a doubt that your answers are all inside of you. You sense it, too. There is a deeper awareness within you, and by connecting with it, you can discover vital information unique to you. You can uncover your own intrinsic ability to heal and to manifest ANY change you desire. So what do you do when you know in your bones that there is something essential inside of you, something you can’t ignore, that’s calling you? How do you connect with it? By building a bridge to it, that’s how! Did you know that your conscious mind makes up only about 10% of your awareness? The other 90% of your awareness resides in your subconscious mind. Accessing this deeper awareness is as simple as shifting to your alpha brain waves, which are the bridge between your conscious and subconscious mind. In this bridged place of deeper awareness, your mind becomes calm and clear. You feel centered and intuitive, and your awareness is very expansive. There are many ways to foster alpha brainwaves – meditation, yoga, massage, l-theanine, but the most accessible method is simply your breath. Just close your eyes and breathe. (Closing your eyes for a minute or two significantly enhances alpha brainwave activity. You can boost your alpha brainwaves even more by practicing visualization.) Deepening your breathing pattern can quickly get you out of fight-or-flight (stress) and increase alpha brainwaves. Perhaps notice your abdomen rising and falling with your deep and comfortable breaths. You may want to place your hand on your abdomen, or an object such as a book, while lying on your back to connect with this technique. Here in this state you will find your guidance. Look within your being, in the intelligence in the cells of your body. Get out of your head for now. Please let me know how your bridge-building goes! Let me know your questions, your challenges, and your victories at

If you are being called to go beyond your old limitations, and feel I could be support to you, check out Healing and Empowerment or Empowerment Coaching sessions. Be well and powerful,


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