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Bring Your Inner Child Home

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Bring Your Inner Child Home

You may realize that some of the things you are presently feeling as an adult are coming from your past. You know that experiences from your childhood continue to affect you today, causing symptoms such as fear, anxiety, or distrust. I want to tell you some good news about this. These symptoms are still with you and are still trying to get your attention because they are ready to heal!

When we experience trauma as a child, or when something happens that makes us feel afraid, shamed, or sad, we often don’t have the ability or resources to help ourselves or resolve it. Trauma can be anything, and everyone experiences it. When we can’t resolve it, as a brilliant way of survival, we protect ourselves by dissociating from it, or, branching off our awareness. We then identify more with the part of ourselves that dealt with the trauma, the part that feels safe, the part that gets approval within our culture, and we cut off our awareness to the part of ourselves that felt vulnerable…

But, nevertheless, you know that it’s still here with you.

It’s part of your history, but it doesn’t feel like the past.


Because we were always meant to go back and heal once we became a resourced adult!

This is an important concept and the beauty of our survival mechanism. This effective way of survival requires one more step. The psychiatric community calls it Inner Child work. Indigenous cultures call it Soul Retrieval.

As a psychotherapeutic concept, ‘inner child work’ is work you do to resolve the childhood emotions and experiences your ‘inner child’ still holds in order to heal the roots of your issues as an adult.

While psychologists referred to the inner child as dissociated aspects of our psyche, shamanic cultures around the world understand that traumatic life experiences can result in a fragmentation of our vital essence, or soul, and often these fragmented aspects dissociate from us, resulting in what indigenous people would call “soul loss.” To retrieve these lost parts, a shamanic healer locates the lost soul parts, enters into relationship with them and restores them.

An important and powerful truth shared between both views is that there is a distinct part of you that is ready to heal and come into the world and feel safe.

Yet another important and powerful truth is that you don’t need someone else to do this for you. YOU have the ability to facilitate this healing yourself through an elegant and empowering process called BodyMind Bridge. You can retrieve, heal, and reintegrate parts of yourself AND all the temporarily forgotten wisdom and strength they contain with the compassionate accompaniment of a BodyMind Bridge Practitioner.

As a healer and advanced certified BodyMind Bridge Practitioner, I would be honored to take this soul journey with you, as I have with many others, and offer you an efficient, graceful, and effective way of healing through a Healing & Empowerment Session to finally bring your inner child home to you. Together, through a compassionate process, we will locate your own “lost” soul parts, this younger part of you that is ready to heal. You, the resourced, healthy adult part of you, can enter into a relationship with them, heal them, and bring them into your present self, thus, bringing yourself into a more harmonious whole, restoring peace within yourself, and transforming your being. The exquisite value is that the integrated part of you always has gifts and guidance for you, as you have recovered their wisdom and strength as well.

If you have any questions about this empowering process, please reach out to me at or let’s set up a time to talk. Reach out to arrange a time to chat here.

If you would like to schedule a session you can do so online anytime here.

Be well and powerful,



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