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What to Expect in a Distance Reiki Session

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words - Rei which means "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power" and Ki which is "life force energy". So Reiki is actually "spiritually guided life force energy." Reiki treats the whole person, and is a simple, natural and safe method of healing and self-improvement.

In a typical Reiki distance treatment over the phone, I assess your energy and receive insight from your energetic body. (Reiki works on an energetic level which is neither diminished nor limited by distance.) Together, we work with your intention to balance your energy, release old energy patterns, and align with your desired outcome and highest self. Deep relaxation, clarity, warmth, peace, and well-being are regularly experienced. Healing always takes place on some level. It is not unusual to experience a more expansive perspective as well as increased awareness and intuition following your session.

To give yourself the best experience, I recommend the following preparations before any distance Reiki Healing session:

Get the most out of your Reiki Distance Session

  1. First of all, know what you want to work on. What is your intention and ideal outcome for your session?

  2. Secure a quiet, private place where you will not be disturbed.

  3. Get cozy. A comfortable place where you can recline and a blanket to keep you warm will nurture your relaxation into your Creative Divine Mind. This is important as this is what allows your interaction with your own deeper wisdom and participation in your healing. Don’t be concerned about this step. It will be easy and accessible, and I will guide us there together.

  4. Block some time after your session to be with your insights and healing.

  5. Have a pen and paper handy for journaling afterward if you like.

  6. Adjust your call settings on your phone to stop notifications during our call.

  7. Make sure your headset is charged and connected to your phone.

Please have all this prepared at least five minutes before our scheduled appointment and give yourself some space and time to settle in. My Activation Reiki Phone and Zoom Sessions are known for being an empowering and interactive experience, and I want you to get the most out of it!

After your Reiki session, and what you may experience:

Please know that you have created change in your entire being! You have released old restrictive energy and generated an energetic shift to receive and integrate the higher frequency energies that you activated in your healing process. As a result, you may experience mental, emotional, and/or physical “releases” afterward as you integrate these changes. This is part of the wondrous healing process called Release and Reorganization.*

You may notice this Release and Reorganization in many dimensions of your being:

What happens energetically after a Glimmer Academy Reiki Distance Session
  • Mental Releases – You may experience old thoughts.

  • Emotional Releases – You may feel old emotions and experience new ones.

  • Physical Releases – You may experience congestion, soft trembling, nausea, ringing in ears, flu-like symptoms, etc.

  • Releases in your outer world - You may observe changes in behavior of electronics, people, etc. You have shifted deep energies, thus increasing the vibrational frequency of your entire being. Computers, vehicles, cell phones, etc. can be affected.

The key is to recognize that the thought, emotion, or physical symptom you are experiencing is just a release. So if you notice any of these things, simply stop and say to yourself, “I recognize that this is just a release.” That’s it. Do this, and your brilliant body and mind will do the rest. It is also not unusual to experience a more expansive perspective as well as increased awareness and intuition following your session.

As always, reach out if you have any questions!

Be well and powerful,


Ready to heal and step into your power? You can schedule online anytime.

Have some questions? Please reach out or schedule a time to talk.

*Based on the Release and Reorganization Process as described by Shuna Morelli, founder of the BodyMind Bridge Institute.

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