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House Magic: Create a Nurturing Space for Yourself and Your kindreds

Your relationship with the land around your home can be a source of nourishment, healing, and belonging.

I am a total home person, and I create welcoming spaces. My last home was deemed Serenity House by those who spent time there - it had the energy of this earth momma tucking you into her bosom. I knew the trees. I asked the land what it wanted when I worked in the yard. I collaborated and honored the essence of the place, and so I enjoyed its warmth and protection – a true shelter. My partner and I are cultivating this same connection with the sanctuary of our current home and land as well.

House Magic by Brandi Edinger

I invite you to think of your home as a living evolving responding thing that you are in relationship with and that is an extension of you.

Consider how you can work with your home to create a space that feels safe and familiar, that nourishes you in the way you desire, that makes you feel more like you, that helps you navigate life in an aligned way, and that supports your intentions for yourself and your life.

It is important to remember, your relationship with your home includes your relationship with the land around you.

Get to know the genius loci

Honor the genius loci, the spirit of place. If you have the space, get to know the nooks and knolls.. the feeling of the place. All places have them!

Get to know the flora and fauna

Learn the name of the plants and animals around your home. They are your neighbors! For instance, here in the PNW we have lots of evergreens – cedars, firs, salal, knick-knick, Oregon grape, wild huckleberry, sword ferns, and the saltwater shore is home to Bald Eagles, Blue Herons and various gulls.

Whose land is it?

And finally, know whose land it was before it was yours and offer gratitude. The land I am on is home to the Suquamish people. Suquamish means place of the clear saltwater, and it was the winter home of Chief Seattle.


This can all support your sense of home and belonging.


Home is foundational. Your home is your shelter. It is equated with our basic needs and provides a place to rest, nourish, celebrate, and so much more.. Without this foundation, there is not space for creativity, expression of self, loving connection, and higher levels of personal development.

I invite you to learn more about how you can create a nurturing space for yourself and your kindreds.

House Magic by Brandi Edinger Healing Arts

In House Magic we’ll talk about:

  • Being in relationship with your home and land

  • Decluttering for Manifestation

  • Healthy cleaning products and homemade recipes

  • How to tell if the energy is “off” in your home and how to remedy it.

  • What you need to know about smoke cleansing

  • How to do your own “House Reading” to learn more about yourself

  • And more!

I love giving value so this is currently offered in a course bundle!

  • House Magic Workshop with full Video Presentation, PDF's, resources, and Smoke Cleansing and Sage presentation,

  • Intuition Activation Course full of intuition activations, activities, and meditations

  • Mind Map Course with special audio meditation

  • Healer Resources,

  • and full access to the Glimmer Academy Library!


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