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Three Keys to Healthy Compassion

Updated: May 18, 2022

Compassion does not mean crumpling into sympathy. In fact, healthy compassion is very empowering to all involved. True compassion comes from a gentle place recognizing the power of all souls to co-create their life experience, where we let go of judgment and control. Gentle loving compassion connects us with our light and power.

When we are practicing healthy compassion, we are able to walk alongside someone in their journey without judging them or seeking to rescue them. Healthy Compassion grants others the dignity of their own choices and experiences. It recognizes that the struggles and processes others experience are part of their own personal and spiritual growth. The result of Healthy Compassion is Empowerment.

How can we practice Healthy Compassion?

First of all, we set clear energetic boundaries. Clear energetic boundaries grant us clear insight so we don’t futilely try to take responsibility for another’s feelings or choices, and so we don’t personalize it when another is operating from a wounded or partially aware state. Cultivating our energetic boundary and our awareness of it provides discernment around which feelings and thoughts belong to us, and which feelings and thoughts belong to other people. Therefore, healthy boundaries protect our own energy as well.

Secondly, we remain grounded in our own bodies, present within ourselves, with our awareness of and accountability for ourselves purposefully in place. This allows us to engage with other people in an intentional way on our own terms.

Third, if we are coaches, healthcare providers, healers, teachers, or even parents, this also means we must trust the process of what we do. This starts with knowing our scope, our divine gifts, natural talents, and developed skills, and standing powerfully and with integrity in that knowing. Knowing what we are good at and trusting our work also enables us to trust the ability of the people working within our process.

When we forget our Healthy Compassion by fixing or rescuing, we not only wear ourselves out, we are in essence, taking away other people’s choices, and therefore dis-empowering them. However, if we operate within Healthy Compassion, we retain our energy, and we empower others by holding space for them and offering support.

Need some help practicing Healthy Compassion?

  • Install your own personal portable safety buffer.

  • Know with clarity which thoughts and feeling belong to you, and which thoughts and feelings belong to other people.

  • Feel powerful and grounded with your awareness in your physical body.

  • Protect your own energy

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