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"So many people are longing for a deeper meaning and richness in life.  In a world rampant with data and information, we are missing that which cannot be measured.  We would love to connect with our intuition and our internal knowing, but with our hectic lives and our racing thoughts, we often rush right by them, missing an opportunity for clarity.

The good news is that intuition is a capacity you are born with.  It is part of your beautiful design.  You were always meant to see the lush layers of your experience.  Your awareness of this has just been buried a bit. I am here to help you uncover all that you already know, what has been there all along."

--Brandi Edinger

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From this guide you will:​​

  • Learn simple techniques to get intuitive answers to your questions.

  • Learn how your culture may have compromised your intuition, and how you can recover it

  • Receive 5 powerful Intuition Activations

  • Learn the benchmarks that distinguish your intuition from your own feelings, history, fears, etc.

  • Learn the language of your intuition

  • Learn the 4 steps of applying your intuition

  • Learn which clair-abilities you have and which types of intuitive information they are associated with for you

Want more than the guide?Activate your intuition with an Interactive Intuition Activation Reading

Intuition Activation with Brandi Edinger Healing Arts
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