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LovingKindness Akashic Reading

I developed LovingKindness Akashic Readings as another way to empower you, to remind you who you are as a soul so you can recognize within yourself your soul truth, and so you can distinguish all the ways this is validated in your life.  The readings are meant to lift a veil for you to see your gifts and your radiant potential, and to see the love and guidance that is here for you.  With this expanded knowledge of yourself and your true nature, you can make illuminated, empowered choices about your life experience. 


Some things that may be revealed in your LovingKindness Akashic Reading –


  • Soul truth reminders that will align you with your soul purpose;

  • Guideposts – real measurable signs to reveal if you are aligned with your soul truth and specific, accessible actions you can take;

  • What your soul strengths are;

  • What Divine support is currently available to you;

  • What you are ready to release and how you may do so;

  • How you may be limiting yourself;

  • And more.

Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning “primary substance,” out of which everything is formed, but the Records have been known throughout time by a variety of names across cultures and belief systems (such as The Book of Life, and The Book of Remembrance).  According to quantum physicist and author of Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything, Ervin Laszlo, the Akasha is the electromagnetic imprint of everything that’s ever happened in the Universe.


The Akashic Records are the energetic archive of your soul across lifetimes – past, present, and all future possibilities, and are the soul-level dimension of consciousness.  If you are particularly interested in learning about a past life, then I am probably not the reader for you.  My focus is not on your past life, but your soul story, the soul vibration running through your lives, and the learning and expansion it offers.

The Akashic Records are always changing and expanding as our souls evolve over time, and it exists everywhere in its wholeness. This sacred wisdom is available to anyone committed to participating in Divine Light and healing who approaches with reverence and integrity.

I use a sacred prayer tradition to access to the Heart of the Akasha, a place of unconditional love within the Akashic body of wisdom.  The guidance comes from a non-judgmental place of love and compassion.

Each group of Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones communicates differently – some with words I hear in my head, some with images, some with sensations.  Some have general messages of encouragement and some have specific things to reveal.  Each person’s Akashic Record feels different, sounds different, smells different – some warm and fragrant like a tropical flower, some earthy with a humming soothing song, some feel celebratory, exuberant, joyful, and some feel noble with a quiet wisdom.

LovingKindness Akashic Readings offer clarity, empowerment and transformation. The goal of every reading is to dignify and elevate you—to reveal your true self and potential.  The connection with these soul-level truths helps you align with your true soul energy, and resonate with this higher vibrational potential.

May you be blessed and know you are precious and Divine!  Reach out with any questions!

What people are saying about LovingKindness Akashic Readings –

"I recently had an Akashic reading from Brandi.  It was the first one I have had of that kind, I was blown away. As soon as I started to read, my solar plexus got extremely hot, and my crown chakra was having a field day. Every word in the reading resonated with me very strongly. All of the things that I "feel/see/know" are now very real. Having everything validated for me is/will be a game changer, and I will stop the self-doubt, and start trusting my intuition.”

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