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Sacred Guide Activation

A transformational immersion

Whether you are just starting out or are an experienced coach or healer, this activating immersion provides the support, resources, and framework for potent experiential healing journeys that allow you to enjoy a more consistent income, expand beyond single sessions or readings, and bring more magic, heart, and results to your work.  

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Learn to confidently facilitate impeccable and sacred work that truly changes your clients’ lives


Connect your clients with their  most empowering answer for themselves every time

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Work with engaged and inspired clients who are fully involved in their own healing and growth

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Enjoy more consistent income and the honor of walking alongside your client in their healing journey

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In your Sacred Guide Activation you will:

  • Learn Sovereign Energy Embodiment and Sacred Witness so you can protect your energy and activate the wisdom of your client

  • Learn how to heal limiting beliefs at their root source when they began


  • Learn what resistance really is and how your clients can work with it for major breakthroughs

  • Learn how to help clients navigate the big energetic shifts and transformations they experience from your work together

  • Learn how to truth test, heal, and shift beliefs with Body Divination


  • Learn how you to connect your client with their own inner guidance or spiritual guidance

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Experience your own healing

  • Get clear on your Purpose or Soul Truth

  • Learn the #1 self-healing method of Body Divination

  • Know definitively how to manage and monitor your energy

  • Learn the framework to create a life that feels good

  • Ferret out limiting beliefs and harmonize inner conflict, 

  • Heal your timelines and reclaim potent parts of self

Student Feedback

Brandi is a fantastic teacher with great mindful deep listening skills that are so authentic.


Brandi created a safe and comprehensive learning environment that has me excited about diversifying my skill set for my Wellness Office clients.


Brandi is a skillful instructor with insight and compassion.


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Meet your Sacred Guide Activator

Hi!  I'm Brandi! 


I have enjoyed a nearly twenty-year background in healing as a Coach, Massage Therapist, Activation Reiki Master, BodyMind Bridge Healer, Hypnotherapist, and Teacher.  


I love facilitating empowering, healing, and transformational sessions for women who are ready to claim their magic and power to create the life they desire.  And, as a “healer’s healer,”  I delight in offering sacred training and support to those who want to activate the Healer and Wise Woman within, 

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Sacred Guide


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We meet in Zoom-land each week!

Sacred Guide


An eight-week Journey with other Wise Women

Sacred Guide

1:1 Mentorship

Individual training, mentoring, and healing

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