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Craving more magic in your life?

It's time to connect with the Dragonfae!

The Dragonfae are sacred protectors of the planet, of the natural and the magical beings of earth, and of those beyond this planet. They are a collective of the powerful ancient ones.  Some examples may be goddesses, elders, guardians, and more. They have kept earth’s mysteries alive, and now when the energy on earth is shifting, the Dragonfae are happy to come remind us of the higher dimensional truth of ourselves and the earth.


What I love about the Dragonfae is that they come into our lives to remind us who were really are and to activate aspects of ourselves that we may have forgotten. They help us access knowledge deep within, and they assist us in moving forward into a life of truth and authenticity. You may know this is exactly how I work with my clients, so the Dragonfae truly resonate with me.


I begin your reading with information about the Dragonfae who came through for you today.  Then you will hear him or her speak, followed by suggestions on how you may work with this particular Dragonfae.  You will receive a recorded voice message and an image of the Dragonfae from me within 1 week of your request, and it can be sent to your preferred place of email or Facebook Messenger.  Please indicate your contact information and preferences upon payment.

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