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Your Luminous Life

Create a Life that Feels Good

by Brandi Edinger

Blending alchemy and pragmatism, Your Luminous Life was written to show you that you possess an undeniable ability to create a life that feels good. You probably were never taught about the most important considerations for planning your days, and therefore, in all likelihood, on most days you find yourself in a mechanistic grind with an uninspiring to-do list to conquer, and barely able to feel or enjoy your life. You may have assumed the solution is mysterious, complicated, elusive, or even unavailable to you.
Through an easy outlined process, Your Luminous Life will show you that you can create a meaningful and fulfilling life for yourself. You will leave behind frustration, weariness, and overwhelm by using simple, yet revolutionary, methods to create manageable days with richness and flow. You will receive heaps of support, and you will be reminded of how magical and powerful you are. You will learn to identify the most crucial (yet regrettably overlooked) factors in life planning that will allow you to actually create more time, energy, and enjoyment for yourself.
Are you ready to spin some gold?
Instant Download Luminous Resources
Brandi Edinger

As a Transformational Bodyworker,  BodyMind  Bridge Healer,  Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, Yogi, Intuitive Channel, and an Empowerment Maven through it all, I have dedicated my life to healing, and this innovative method was developed over the years in my personal life and with working with clients on a path of personal growth.

Since 2004 I have helped people realize clarity, connect with their deep wisdom, and create empowering changes in their lives. The simple yet transformational methods revealed in Your Luminous Life have worked beautifully for me and for countless clients, and I love sharing this juicy and remarkably uncomplicated approach to planning our days.

- Brandi Edinger

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