Massage, Cupping Therapy & Reiki Healing

Your answers are all inside of you – in your subconscious mind, in the cells of your body, in your energetic field.  Through an effective combination of techniques from the breakthrough BodyMind Bridge system of healing and intuitive Reiki, a Healing & Empowerment Session puts you in contact with these answers.  Here you can heal anything physical, mental, emotional,  spiritual, or situational you want, and on your unique terms.

Sessions are available by phone, Zoom, or in person.

Are you ready to connect with the deep wisdom within you and clearly see your unique path to bringing the changes you desire?


Are you ready to heal and step into your power?

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Massage, Cupping Therapy & Reiki Healing

Holistic, caring, intuitive bodywork that supports wellness on all levels - mind, body, and spirit, featuring customized sessions including massage, aromatherapy, cupping therapy, biomagnetic therapy, tuning forks, hot stones, and more.

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Glimmer Academy online courses

Check out Brandi's online academy for affordable online courses and free resources designed to empower your goals, healing, and transformation.  

Free course with guided meditation is popular now!

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Desire Map - How do you want to feel?