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"Supporting you to align with your purpose and power."

All online courses are designed to help you do your life, your business, your relationships, your health and more in a way that aligns with  your integrity, intentions and desires.

Glimmer Academy Free Course
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Mind Hack -

Connect with Your Clarity and Guidance

Are you feeling  stressed, scattered, or suffering from unproductive thought patterns?  Learn how to connect with a calm state of clarity and access your clear thinking whenever you want with this mind hack.

Work with me
Brandi Edinger

How can I empower you today?

As a Transformation and Empowerment Maven, I will guide you to unite with your deepest wisdom and most accurate internal guidance.  I provide a safe passage for you to elegantly do your own healing and transformation to create any changes you desire, and I help you powerfully step into genuine embodiment of your unique purpose.

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Healing & Empowerment

Your answers are all inside of you – in your subconscious mind, in the cells of your body, in your energetic field, and a Healing & Empowerment Session puts you in contact with these answers. so you may heal and thrive physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 

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BodyMind Empowerment Mentorship

Are you working on a personal or professional goal?  In limbo or transition? Are you ready take action?

I am here to activate you and help you reconnect with your intuition, strengths, gifts, clarity, and ability to self-heal so you can embody your Intent and connect with your mastery like a queen!   


Let's Talk

Have questions?  

Schedule a free 20 minute call with me to get your questions answered and determine how I may help and support you.

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